Delegation with a Purpose

Delegation is for development

Not enough time in the day? Not getting to the important tasks? No time to follow through on commitments to the team? Perhaps you need to delegate?

Apart from freeing up your own time, delegation is a fantastic tool for developing team members. Effective delegation has many benefits including higher skilled team members, greater productivity, and a highly engaged and motivated team.

This focused, 3-hour workshop explains:

  • exactly what delegation is (and what it isn’t);

  • the benefits of delegation;

  • the pitfalls to avoid;

  • what should be delegated; and

  • how to delegate effectively (including practise).


At the conclusion of this workshop you will have a clear understanding of delegation, a plan to delegate a task, and a new appreciation for the importance of delegating in the workplace.


Delegation is one of the most important skills an effective leader should master

Course detail

Delivery Mode: 3-hour workshop


Course Materials: Workbook provided


Course Cost: $285  

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