Giving Effective Feedback

No news is not good news!

How good are you at giving feedback? Do your team know where they stand, or do they have to believe ‘no news is good news’? Does it turn into an uncomfortable situation, perhaps even conflict, when you need to take corrective action? Perhaps you need to implement, improve or polish your feedback techniques.


This comprehensive 3-hour workshop highlights the importance of using feedback to ensure team members are meeting expectations. It looks at giving positive reinforcement for the behaviours you want to see repeated and constructive feedback for the behaviours you want team members to change.

This session also covers:

  • different types of feedback (positive, negative and constructive);

  • tips for making your feedback as effective as possible;

  • practising your feedback techniques; and

  • the importance of keeping feedback records.


You’ll walk away understanding the importance of giving appropriate feedback and gain the know-how, to give effective feedback to ensure the team is meeting your expectations.

Course detail

Delivery Mode: 3-hour workshop


Course Materials: Workbook provided


Course Cost: $285 per person 


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