Professional Development Workshops

Delegation with a Purpose


This workshop explains exactly what delegation is (and what it isn't) and covers the benefits of delegation, the pitfalls to avoid, what should be delegated; and how to delegate effectively (including practise).  


Goal Setting for Success


This workshop will show how you can use goal setting to drive your progress and increase your success. Topics covered include; why use goal setting; different types of goals; the importance of writing goals down; how to write goals; and planning to achieve goals.


Giving Effective Feedback


This comprehensive workshop highlights the importance of using feedback. Through this workshop you will learn about the different types of feedback (positive, negative and constructive); the importance of keeping feedback records and gain the know-how to make your feedback as effective as possible to ensure your team is meeting expectations. 


Personality Awareness - Click! Colours


This workshop helps you understand your own personality type and how you like to communicate. You will explore ways to use this information to communicate better in the team to build more effective relationships. 


Think about your team-members personality types and how they like to communicate. This workshop could be the base of a great team building opportunity.   


Time Effective Meetings


Meetings can be a fantastic way to communicate information, solve problems, make decisions, innovate and build the team. They can create real value. However, meetings consume time and resources. If meetings are not efficient and effective, they can be a big waste of money.


This workshop examines your meeting habits and provides useful tips for making more effective use of this time.  


Time Management


This intensive workshop helps you understand how your attitude controls your time management, explores where your time is being spent and gives practical ideas on how to focus on the most important tasks in your role.


This workshop will cover; the importance of managing your time; knowing what your key activities are; planning your time for maximum effectiveness; and eliminating time wasters.  


Understanding Communication


When communication is not effective, the intended purpose is often not achieved, leading to inefficiency, confusion and even conflict.


This workshop explores the reasons why we’re not always on the same wavelength and discusses techniques to improve our communication for greater understanding, better workplace relationships and more productive exchanges.  


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