Time Effective Meetings

Make meetings valuable

Are you wasting time in meetings? Are your meetings achieving the desired outcome? Do you leave meetings feeling energised and excited about the outcome or flat and drained?


Meetings can be a fantastic way to communicate information, solve problems, make decisions, innovate and build the team. They can create real value. However, meetings consume time and resources. If meetings are not efficient and effective, they can be a big waste of money.


This 3-hour workshop examines your meeting habits and provides useful tips for making more effective use of this time.


Topics covered include: 


  • Why have meetings (and why not!)

  • Determine the purpose of the meeting

  • Develop an agenda

  • Prepare for the meeting

  • Running the meeting

  • Follow up

  • Meeting etiquette

  • and more...... 


You will leave this workshop equipped with fresh ideas to re-energise your meetings and create real value for your organisation. 


Don't leave another meeting and say, 'that was a waste of time!' 

Course detail

Delivery Mode: 3-hour workshop


Course Materials: Workbook provided


Course Cost: $285 per person 


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