Understanding Communication

Message sent ≠ Message received

Have you ever noticed that your messages are often not understood exactly as you had intended? You wonder, “what is wrong with that person?”. Or has someone else’s communication left you baffled? You think, “what planet are they from?”. When communication is not effective, the intended purpose is often not achieved, leading to inefficiency, confusion and even conflict.


This 3-hour workshop explores the reasons why we’re not always on the same wavelength and discusses techniques to improve our communication for greater understanding, better workplace relationships and more productive exchanges.


Topics covered include: 


  • The purpose of communication

  • Barriers to effective communication

  • Listening skills

  • Questioning skills

  • The value of silence 

You will leave this workshop with great insights into the reasons for mis-communication and an action plan to achieve mutual understanding and benefit from your interactions. 'I get it!'  

Course detail

Delivery Mode: 3-hour workshop


Course Materials: Workbook provided


Course Cost: $285 per person 


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